Free keyword volume tool

One of the most important foundations of SEO is good keyword research. Finding highly searched for phrases with low competition is getting increasingly more difficult as the world wide web grows at lightning speed.

White Label SEO have developed our own free keyword volume tool to help find highly searched for phrases. Our tool not only delivers search volumes but also analyzes the competition for that phrase. It will check many metrics such as trust flow, citation flow, domain authority and backlink counts for every website in the top 10 results of Google for your suggested phrase.

It will then display all this information in an easy to understand, colour coded list within your branded control panel. Red terms are too competitive at this point, orange are achievable but longer term and green phrases are the most achievable in a short timescale.

Having this keyword volume tool at your disposal will save stacks of time trolling through spreadsheets and backlink analysis software and will increase your productivity no end leaving you more time to concentrate on running and growing your business.

Our team have extensive knowledge of finding great keywords and will be more than willing to do some free initial research for you so why not sign up today to our White Label SEO service? You will also be able to see which of your clients or email prospects has taken the time to carry out their own keyword research, these are extremely valuable sales leads.

Finding great keywords is just the start to an effective SEO campaign so why not let our team do all the hard work for you? We will take care of all the on-page changes, build high quality links and increase your social signals on a consistent, monthly basis, which are essential factors to increasing your rankings in the search engines.

Your branded control panel also contains a keyword tracker system that follows your positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing on a daily basis and displays them in a numeric and graphical format so you or your clients can log in at any time and check on the progress of your campaigns.

Sign up today for a completely free tour of our branded SEO control panel. There’s great margin for profit, 45-day money back guarantee and no contract.

White label SEO platform

If you are looking for a highly profitable white label seo platform then you’ve come to right place. Our unique control panel in your brand and colours on your own domain will allow your sales team to find new leads, great keywords and track your rankings. You can also be confident of delivery with our 45 day, money back guarantee.

Keyword research tool

cp_dashboardWhen you have signed up to our white label SEO platform you will gain access to our amazing keyword research tool we call ‘the niche finder’. Just add in your terms and our system will come back with search volumes and achievability in the form of a traffic light system. Green (easiest), orange (harder, but still achievable longer term) or red (unachievable at this point). You can also give your clients access to this tool (in your branding) and monitor their own research.

Keyword reporting

Once you have purchased an SEO package you will have access to our tracker reporting system. Your main phrases plus a whole host of additional (long tail) phrases will be tracked in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You and your customers can log in at any time and see how your campaigns are progressing. Search engine rankings are clearly displayed in a numeric and a graphical interface.

Branded sales video

Once you’ve brought two paying customers on-board we can offer you a professionally produced, branded SEO sales video for your website. There are three international voice overs to choose from with both male or female options.

Help is at hand

Once you have signed-up to our system you will be assigned an account manager who will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have and run you through the system. We’ll even carry out the initial keyword research for you to get you going with your first campaign.

Extensive knowledge

Everyone at White Label SEO has extensive knowledge of the industry so you can be assured that you are in safe hands. We have seen all the Google algorithm changes, all the short-cuts, dodgy methods and heard all the hype. Our techniques come from extensive research, testing and handling thousands of clients.

Sign up now to access our trade prices and a completely free tour of our branded white label SEO platform, plus access to our amazing niche finder.

How to get your website higher on Google

If you are in the business of designing and developing websites, you will need to research information on how to get your website higher on Google. There are many factors that you need to be aware of when trying to rank a website. Let’s cover a few principles…

Keyword research

Deciding what keywords you would like to rank for is one of the most important factors to consider. Are users actually searching for those phrases and how strong are your competitors?

When you sign up to our White Label SEO service you will have access to our in-house technology we call the ‘niche finder’. All you need to do is add your keywords and our software will go out to Google and find out how many people are searching for your phrase, analyze your competition and come back with a simple traffic light system. Red is currently too competitive, Orange will be achievable but long term and Green phrases are good to go!

On-page SEO

So you’ve selected your keywords from our niche finder, the next step on how to get your website higher on Google is to tell them that your page is all about that particular topic:

Meta title – Write a clear, stand-out meta title that contains your main keyword.

Meta description – Write a descriptive meta description that encourages the user to click on your listing.

<h1> tag – Write a keyword rich title that tells readers and search engines exactly what your page is about.

Content is king – Search engines will scan your body text and try to determine what your content is about. You need to give them plenty of words to make this easier so make sure you have a good amount of copy on your page.

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) – Google knows that certain words and synonyms relate to each other. If the wording on your page contains plenty of LSI words this will enforce the meaning of the page to Google.

Interlinking – Linking certain pages together will enforce the crawlability of your website and will pass link juice to the pages that are related.

Off-page SEO

When all the on-page work is just perfect the off-page optimization starts. Google see’s incoming links to your website as a big thumbs-up. Think of it as a voting contest, if you have many votes you will be pushed higher in the rankings. The important factor is that the links, likes and shares come from high quality, related websites within your industry.


If all the work we have mentioned is done on a consistent basis so it looks natural to Google you will eventually get your website higher on Google. Obviously this is just a brief overview and there are lots of other factors to consider.

Why not sign up to our white label service and let one of our SEO experts do all the hard work for you?

How can you achieve the fastest SEO results?

One of the many questions a new client is likely to ask is…. “How long will it take to get my site onto page one of Google?” SEO is a long term strategy and should be treated as such but there are ways that we can achieve the fastest SEO results to kick-start your campaigns straight into gear.

Select achievable keywords

Every SEO campaign should start with good keyword research. Obviously if you select a very competitive keyword your competition will already have a massive head-start and it is likely to take a long-time to catch-up with the main players. We find that picking the low-hanging fruit is a much better strategy to gain some fast SEO results.

So how do we find the low hanging fruit?

The Google keyword tool is a great place to start. You can add your core phrases and the tool will come back with a list of related phrases and their approximate monthly search volumes. The results can then be downloaded as a CSV file and viewed via your favorite spread sheet application. You can then sort by search volume and highlight the terms that stand out.

How can we find out if a term is competitive or not?

We can use our friend Google once again to find out how competitive a phrase is. Go to Google search and type in allintitle:”add your phrase here”. The results displayed will be all the pages in Google’s index that contain your phrase in their meta title tag.

What if I have hundreds of terms to check?

Extensive keyword research can be very time consuming and it can take days to find the great keywords that everyone else has missed. This is exactly why we developed our own in-house software to do all the time consuming work so you can achieve the fastest SEO results.

Introducing the White Label SEO ‘niche finder’

fast seo results

When you sign up to our White Label SEO service you will get free access to our great niche finder tool. All you need to do is enter your terms and our system will do all of the hard work for you. Not only will it check the amount of competitors in your niche but it will also analyze the top 10 results in Google and look at their backlinks, trust flow, citation flow and domain authority. All this information is then put through our algorithm and displayed to you in a simple to understand traffic light format. Green are most achievable, amber will take longer and we advise staying clear of the red terms until your campaign gains more traction.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to our white label SEO service and take advantage of the fastest SEO results in the industry.

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