7th June 2016 whitelabelseo

Are white label SEO analysis tools useful?

Offering website users a white label SEO analysis tool such as my site auditor on your website is a great way of capturing new leads. Flagging up errors, page scores and ways in which a client’s website can be improved from an SEO standpoint is a great foot in the door when it comes to starting up a relationship with a potential new client.

Although these tools are great for pointing out issues they are also quite generic so nothing beats the trained eye of an SEO professional. There are many on-page and off-page elements that need looking at before taking on an SEO campaign. At White Label SEO prior to taking on a client’s site we check everything extensively such as the page structure, landing pages, coding issues, meta information, headings, titles, canonicals, word counts, keyword densities, internal linking, broken links, mobile ready etc. as well the domain’s current link profile. To do all this properly you will need a trained professional and a selection of tools at your disposal.

White Label SEO can take care of all the analysis for you, we will provide a suggested alterations document for your approval and even carry out the alts for you if you are happy to provide CMS/FTP access to the website.

When all the on-page factors are perfect we will then start to build the authority your website needs to rise in the search engines via quality links and social signals from trusted sites in the relevant industry. Progress is tracked 24 hours a day via your branded online reseller control panel.

You will also have access to our amazing niche finder keyword tool, just enter in phrases you would like to found for and our system will check the first 10 results in Google and check each one for achievability. The results will be displayed back to you via a color coded traffic light system (green/amber/red). Green = good to go, Amber = longer term, Red = not achievable at this point in the campaign.

Why out outsource your SEO?

Whether you have experience in the industry or not we can help you scale your business. We can take care of all the time consuming work safe in the knowledge that everything is being dealt with in a correct and timely manner while you concentrate on finding new business.

We even offer a 45 day, money back guarantee and no contracts with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry due to our massive infrastructure so you can easily markup our costs by 100%+ to your clients.

So, are white label SEO analysis tools useful… of course, but maybe you would rather trust an experienced professional to do the analysis for you rather than an application?

Why not sign up today to White Label SEO for a FREE account and give us a try?