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How can you achieve the fastest SEO results?

One of the many questions a new client is likely to ask is…. “How long will it take to get my site onto page one of Google?” SEO is a long term strategy and should be treated as such but there are ways that we can achieve the fastest SEO results to kick-start your campaigns straight into gear.

Select achievable keywords

Every SEO campaign should start with good keyword research. Obviously if you select a very competitive keyword your competition will already have a massive head-start and it is likely to take a long-time to catch-up with the main players. We find that picking the low-hanging fruit is a much better strategy to gain some fast SEO results.

So how do we find the low hanging fruit?

The Google keyword tool is a great place to start. You can add your core phrases and the tool will come back with a list of related phrases and their approximate monthly search volumes. The results can then be downloaded as a CSV file and viewed via your favorite spread sheet application. You can then sort by search volume and highlight the terms that stand out.

How can we find out if a term is competitive or not?

We can use our friend Google once again to find out how competitive a phrase is. Go to Google search and type in allintitle:”add your phrase here”. The results displayed will be all the pages in Google’s index that contain your phrase in their meta title tag.

What if I have hundreds of terms to check?

Extensive keyword research can be very time consuming and it can take days to find the great keywords that everyone else has missed. This is exactly why we developed our own in-house software to do all the time consuming work so you can achieve the fastest SEO results.

Introducing the White Label SEO ‘niche finder’

fast seo results

When you sign up to our White Label SEO service you will get free access to our great niche finder tool. All you need to do is enter your terms and our system will do all of the hard work for you. Not only will it check the amount of competitors in your niche but it will also analyze the top 10 results in Google and look at their backlinks, trust flow, citation flow and domain authority. All this information is then put through our algorithm and displayed to you in a simple to understand traffic light format. Green are most achievable, amber will take longer and we advise staying clear of the red terms until your campaign gains more traction.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to our white label SEO service and take advantage of the fastest SEO results in the industry.