30th March 2016 whitelabelseo

Free keyword volume tool

One of the most important foundations of SEO is good keyword research. Finding highly searched for phrases with low competition is getting increasingly more difficult as the world wide web grows at lightning speed.

White Label SEO have developed our own free keyword volume tool to help find highly searched for phrases. Our tool not only delivers search volumes but also analyzes the competition for that phrase. It will check many metrics such as trust flow, citation flow, domain authority and backlink counts for every website in the top 10 results of Google for your suggested phrase.

It will then display all this information in an easy to understand, colour coded list within your branded control panel. Red terms are too competitive at this point, orange are achievable but longer term and green phrases are the most achievable in a short timescale.

Having this keyword volume tool at your disposal will save stacks of time trolling through spreadsheets and backlink analysis software and will increase your productivity no end leaving you more time to concentrate on running and growing your business.

Our team have extensive knowledge of finding great keywords and will be more than willing to do some free initial research for you so why not sign up today to our White Label SEO service? You will also be able to see which of your clients or email prospects has taken the time to carry out their own keyword research, these are extremely valuable sales leads.

Finding great keywords is just the start to an effective SEO campaign so why not let our team do all the hard work for you? We will take care of all the on-page changes, build high quality links and increase your social signals on a consistent, monthly basis, which are essential factors to increasing your rankings in the search engines.

Your branded control panel also contains a keyword tracker system that follows your positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing on a daily basis and displays them in a numeric and graphical format so you or your clients can log in at any time and check on the progress of your campaigns.

Sign up today for a completely free tour of our branded SEO control panel. There’s great margin for profit, 45-day money back guarantee and no contract.