29th April 2016 whitelabelseo

How to get your website at the top of Google

If you have stepped in the online marketing world and built a shiny new website but you are struggling to gain any traffic or business, you will no doubt ask ‘How to get your website at the top of Google?’

There are many factors to understand when trying to rank a website which include finding the right keywords, on-page elements  and also off-page work.

Finding relevant ‘buyer’ search terms which have decent monthly volumes and low competition can be difficult to find. Luckily we have built a tool which can save you lots of time. Just type a broad phrase into the Google keyword tool, export the results and copy/paste into our niche finder and our clever system will go out and check the first page of Google for every phrase. It will look at each domain’s back links, trust flow, citation flow and domain authority then gauge how competitive each term is to get on the front page. It will display the results with a simple colour coded system; Red = Too competitive at this point. Amber = OK, but longer term. Green = Easiest to achieve.

Once you have selected some great search terms you will need to make sure Google knows what your page is all about. We call this on-page optimization. Google (and other search engines) look at certain elements of your website’s code to determine what your page is about.

The meta title and description should contain the keywords you are targeting. The <h1> title should also contain the phrase. Each page should contain unique copy that is ideally 200-500+ words and contain the keyword a couple of times. If you keyword stuff you could be penalized for over optimization.

The structure of your site is also important, how your pages interlink and the anchor text used will make a big difference to your site’s ranking. We call this manipulating the Google juice, pushing links to relevant pages throughout the website.

When each page is perfectly crafted you will need to build some authority. Google judges your authority within an industry by taking into consideration the quantity (and quality) of relevant links pointing back to your web pages. Think of it as a voting contest, if a site in a similar industry links to yours it will be counted as a vote. If you have more and higher quality votes than your competitors, you should rise above them in the SERPs.

Gaining new links can be difficult and time consuming. Luckily we can take care of all the hard work as we have a massive network of contacts and websites in a wide array of industries. We can build all the links you need and at the correct velocity so they look completely natural so you will become an authority in your industry before you know it.

So the answer to the question ‘How to get your website at the top of Google?’ just let White Label SEO handle all the hard work while you concentrate on building your client base. Our control panel can work on your domain and branded-up with your logo and colours so it will blend in seamlessly with your corporate identity.

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