15th April 2016 whitelabelseo

How to optimize a website for search engines

There are many factors to consider when learning how to optimize a website for search engines. The initial process should always be keyword research. Finding the correct keywords is crucial, as you’ll need to know how many people are searching for your chosen phrase and how competitive the chosen industry is.

When you sign up for a free account with White Label SEO you will gain access to our niche finder which makes keyword research an absolute doddle. Just add in your search terms and our system will find the average monthly search volumes and gauge the competitiveness of each one by analyzing the top ten results in Google for the phrase. It will check out each domain’s back links, trust flow, citation flow and domain authority (all important factors in search engine ranking). The results are then put through our algorithm and displayed to you in your control panel as a simple traffic light system. Red phrases we would suggest avoiding, amber phrases would be achievable but long term and the green phrases have the lowest competition so will be the best to target if you are looking for quick results.

So you’ve selected the best keywords to target we now need to make sure the on-page factors are just right. Each page of your site should be targeted to one or two closely related phrases. You will need to drop in that phrase within the meta title tag, meta description and H1. The keywords should also be added to the body copy and the correct densities (too much and you could over optimize and get a penalty).

If you are targeting local phrases then your locality should be added to all of the above plus adding in schema mark-up, Google map embeds, NAP and geo meta will also increase the geographical signals to Google. Adding a well-crafted G+ local page that reflects all of these factors will also help and give a good chance of ranking the local listings too.

If all of this sounds complicated don’t worry, if you take out a campaign with White Label SEO we will create an alterations document outlining all of the necessary on-page changes, we’ll even do them all for you as part of the service.

The final part of the jigsaw on how to optimize a website for search engines are back links. When a website links back to yours or the page is liked/tweeted/shared on social media it is counted as a vote. The more votes you have from relevant sources the better you will rank in the search engines.

We will take care of all the back linking and social signals on a monthly basis so you don’t have to. We have a massive resource of high quality websites we can link from so the whole process is executed smoothly and the lowest cost possible.

Our control panel will be displayed with your URL via CNAME and branded with your logo and your colours so it blends in seamlessly with your website and corporate identity.

Create an account today and benefit from selling our SEO services in your brand with 100%+ margins and no contract.