5th May 2016 whitelabelseo

What is white label marketing?

White Label SEO was created to offer website professionals a service who wish to outsource their online marketing. So what is white label marketing?

Search engine marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) as it is more commonly known is the process one carries out to help web pages rank higher within the search results which will in-turn encourage more click-throughs and traffic to your website.

Our White Label SEO service enables you (the reseller) to confidently sell search engine optimization under your brand with 100%+ margins while we handle all the hard work. SEO can be a complicated and lengthy process so understanding the correct way of doing things is essential. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge at White Label SEO so you can be rest assured that all the work being carried on your client’s website is top quality and will achieve results you are after.

Why outsource?

As the saying goes ‘you can be the Jack of all trades and the master of none’. We understand that most web designers and developers have an understanding of SEO but most would rather let someone else take care of it so they can concentrate on creating beautiful and functional websites. Their clients know that without traffic their website is useless so the designer/SEO consultant outsource combination is a match made in heaven.

Our pricing is extremely competitive so you can offer the services your clients need, mark-up our fees 100%+ and you’ll receive a nice monthly retainer whilst your client rises in the search engines and starts to gain traffic and business. Once their website is generating income they will be only too pleased to pay your fees and will no doubt upgrade their account to even more phrases.

When you sign up to our service you will have access to our dashboard which contains some nice tools to get you off and running. You can upload your logo, add your corporate colours and even host it on your own domain name via the power of CNAMEs.

Each client you bring on board will have their own login and will have access to our amazing niche finder. This is our in-house keyword tool technology we use for finding great, high volume phrases with low competition.

When your campaign is underway we give you and your client access to a tracker so you can check the progress of your rankings 24/7. All this information can be exported as a .CSV so you can import the data into your reports or spread sheets.

So the question was ‘What is white label marketing’? Know you know and we are so confident in our ability we even offer a 45-day money back guarantee with no contracts. So why not sign up today and benefit from our ?