4th April 2016 whitelabelseo

White label seo services for agencies

If you run a web design or advertising agency and you are looking for an SEO partner, then we have the solution for you. Our white label seo services for agencies can integrate seamlessly with your company and branding.

Our control panel can work on your own domain via a CNAME change so your portal can work under seo.yourdomainname.com. Upload your logo and colours and you will have a fully branded SEO system for your clients to login to.

Within the control panel you will have access to our amazing niche finder, where you and your clients can add hundreds of keywords. Our system will fetch the search volumes and analyze your competition for SEO achievability. It does this by looking at the top ten results on page one for your suggested term. It will check their back links, trust flow, citation flow and domain authority and run the results through our algorithm and display the information to you in a simple, easy to understand traffic light format. Red = too competitive at this point, Amber = achievable but longer term or Green = achievable. This information can also be exported as a .CSV file if you need to add it to a report.

When you have purchased an SEO package with us your keywords will then be added to a tracker so you and your client will be able you follow the progress of your campaign in a numeric and a graphical format. The system will automatically pull in a whole host of additional long tail keywords too.

All the SEO work will be carried out by us on your behalf silently in the background. We will analyze your client’s site and create a suggested alterations document for your approval. We also offer content writing services and our web team can carry out the on-page changes on your behalf if required.

Once the on-page factors are perfect we will commence the off-page work. This will be done on a monthly basis and at the correct speed so it looks natural to Google. We will increase the social signals to your website, build consistent citations and write quality content distributed to industry related blogs and press release sites on your behalf. This work will increase the authority of your client’s website in their niche and you will see a rise in search engine rankings.

If your campaign targets geographical keywords we will also optimize your Google My Business page to get your ranking in the maps (3 pack) as well as the organic listings.

Our pricing is very reasonable so you will have lots of room for mark-up. There are no contracts and we offer a 45-day money back guarantee if we haven’t improved your rankings. So if you are looking for a white label seo service for agencies then get in touch with one of our advisors or sign up for a free account today.